More than a hundred bodies had been recovered from the debris in Anjar so far, 24 hours after an earthquake shock of moderate intensity hit Kutch on July 21, according to the District Superintendent of Police of Kutch, Mr. Hamir Singh. Giving the casualty figures, Mr. Hamir Singh said the condition of about 40 of the 254 persons injured was very serious. About 2,000 houses had been damaged, half of them in Anjar township alone. Reports had also been received of damage to buildings from towns around Anjar, including Bhuj, the capital of Kutch, Bachau and Kirai. Progress in identifying the dead is stated to be slow as most of the bodies had been disfigured. By a strange coincidence, pupils in the St. Xavier High School at Rajkot were being taught on the subject of earthquakes when the quake occurred. The teacher, Mr. Salim, had asked his students for a definition of earthquake. When the students were trying to answer; the tremors were felt and the teacher and the taught ran to places of safety.