The Hindu Crossword 8745

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1 Communication about love backs soldier (7)

5 Second-grade climber's aid, a bag of air maybe (7)

9 To the extent it can, fear spoils a bass's development (2,3,2,8)

10 Go after union leader steeped in money (6)

11 The dance of the beloved corporal, say (8)

13 Such a bachelor may not remain one for long (8)

15 Back of the neck, convenient for a catch? (6)

18 Boat, one with an edge (6)

19 Inert nut modified as a nourishing thing (8)

22 Uncommon object, like a bird seldom seen (4,4)

24 Swimmer's style is a hit (6)

27 A lady has to be expecting to suffer from it (7,8)

28 Characters constituting correspondence (7)

29 Haggle at the pub, get the advantage (7)


1 Pirate's disoriented, tiring walk (7)

2 Bid made in a bout of fertile imagination (5)

3 Creature of northern state, pig-like all around (9)

4 Girl with a pink complexion (4)

5 Protection from rain obtained by clutching a cylinder (6)

6 In India it has been renamed as a part of a homely place (5)

7 Long term bond for an engineer wearing false teeth (9)

8 Recite readily "Part of the film cancelled"! (4,3)

12 Insect that can travel by air (3)

14 Throw light on a new, prettier design (9)

16 The concierge to assume responsibility? (9)

17 Beer holder, a sticky thing when turned up (3)

18 Chewy sweet made with cream: a pound possibly (7)

20 Troop leader with motive for a crime against the state (7)

21 Fuel, half viscous liquid and half hydrogen, say (6)

23 A counterpart having the same characteristics (5)

25 Greek character reflected in an image morbidly (5)

26 A member who gets 51 megabytes (4)



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