(there being no issue of the paper dated October 4):

"Parliament's decision to constitute a bilingual Bombay State has not only not harmed Gujarat or Maharashtra, but has immensely helped the country as a whole," declared Prime Minister Nehru at Ahmedabad on October 2. Mr. Nehru added, "I concede the decision was sudden and the suddenness should have come as a shock and surprise to the people of the region. If you want to condemn me for this, I think you have a right to do so and I beg your pardon. But the decision has done positive good. For some time, I have been worried about the dangerous turn the linguistic provinces movement was taking and the dangerous propensities of narrow linguistic thinking. I was feeling the country was going on a wrong path. The bilingual State decision has reversed our course and we are now on the right path. I hope more on these lines will happen to further correct our path." Advising the people not to think merely of the interests of one region, the Prime Minister said: "On November 1 a new map of India will be written. Many decisions have been taken in the course of settling the reorganisation question. Now it is the duty of the people to settle down for the reconstruction of the country. If you think merely of your region and erect a barrier around Gujarat in the belief that the barrier will spell the progress of the region, you are wrong. This barrier will only prove your prison." Mr. Nehru explained the background to the bilingual State decision and spoke of the need to solve problems like this in a democratic peaceful way.