CHENNAI: Devotion to the Lord is the only way to overcome difficulties, since He is the only support to all in distress and the only one who can subdue one's enemies. In the eternal war between the celestials and the demons, the Supreme Being openly favours the former. This is because the celestials are totally dependent on Him and willingly seek His help and advice. They also abide by His law. The demons on the other hand, defy His law and are a stronger party than the celestials.

The demons had another advantage in their preceptor Sukrachraya, who was in possession of the secret of Mrithasanjivini that could revive the dead demons in a trice. So when the celestials sought His help to counteract this, the Lord decided to bless them with the nectar churned from the milky ocean that would confer immortality on them.

Since the Lord is ever ready to listen to the pleas of His devotees and intervenes in all instances of unfair fights, it is not a matter of great wonder that His concern for the celestials is akin to that of a mother for the weaker child and the one who cries most, said Sengalipuram Sri B. Kesava Dikshitar in a discourse.

The celestials were asked to befriend the demons to rope them in, in this task. When the Mandara mountain they brought for use as a churning rod fell from their hands on the way, He picked it up easily and placed it in position as a churning rod.

When the celestials and the demons started churning the ocean with the serpent Vasuki as the churning string, the mountain kept sinking to the depths of the ocean due to its weight. The Lord incarnated as the divine tortoise and held the mountain on His back, while holding it in place from top as well, a stupendous job possible only for His prowess.

The extent to which the Lord involved Himself in the churning is a lesson that one should strive hard to achieve one's purpose. It is also a lesson in humility to learn to avoid succumbing to ego. The truth that the Lord created the entire universe and invested each created being with exclusive abilities to assist Him in the perfect running and upkeep of it should never be forgotten.