Inaugurating the 33rd All-India Medical Conference in Trivandrum on December 26, Dr. B. Ramakrishna Rao, Governor of Kerala, advocated "a philosophy of co-existence between modern and indigenous medicine." He told over 1,200 doctors from various parts of the country attending the session that if capable members of the modern medical profession undertook research in Ayurveda and Unani, they might still find something useful in them to add to their own and to the sum total of human knowledge. Dr. C.S. Thakar, President of the Indian Medical Association, presided over the session. "I cannot believe," Dr. Ramakrishna Rao said, "that the indigenous systems which have persisted for so many thousands of years are absolutely unscientific and devoid of any merit. They have to be dispassionately examined and studied with the help of modern sciences. I feel, therefore, that your conference should consider the desirability of taking some more practical steps in this direction than expressing your moral support by adopting resolutions requesting the Government to establish institutions of research in the indigenous systems of medicine."