We deeply regret to announce that Mr. Kasturi Srinivasan, Editor, The Hindu, passed away early on June 22 at his residence “Sabarmati”, Mowbray’s Road. Mr. Srinivasan, who was 72, had been ailing for some time. His illness took a sudden turn for the worse on June 21. Mr. Kasturi Srinivasan was born in August 1887. He was the eldest son of Mr. S. Kasturiranga Iyengar, Proprietor and Editor of “The Hindu”. After graduating from Presidency College, Madras, he joined the paper when Mr. Kasturiranga Iyengar was Editor. He assumed the editorship of “The Hindu” in February, 1934, after the death of Mr. A. Rangaswami Iyengar. Mr. Srinivasan was elected first President of the All-India Newspaper Editors’ Conference in 1940, whose deliberations he continued to guide as President till 1944.

For a period of two years from 1943 to 1945, Mr. Srinivasan was the Chairman of the Indian section of the Empire Press Union. He was chosen President of the Indian and Eastern Newspaper Society to years later in 1947. He was the first Chairman of the Press Trust of India a year later when this organisation came into being. Mr. Srinivasan was the Vice-President of the International Press Institute in 1952 and was Chairman of the Indian National Committee of that Institute. He was awarded the title of Padma Bhushan in January, 1956. His varied interests included promotion of the fine arts and many public causes.

He visited Europe about half a dozen times on different missions connected with his own business and the advancement of Indian journalism. He also made a world tour recently, during which, he visited the United States and Japan. Mr. Srinivasn was largely instrumental in the renaissance and growth of Karnatic music in South India and took a prominent part in the establishment and functioning of the Madras Music Academy, over whose Sadas he presided in 1952. He was a Director of the Local Board of the State Bank of India. Mr. Srinivasan is survived by his wife, two sons, Mr. S. Parthasarathi and Mr. S. Rangarajan, and a daughter, besides his brother Mr. K. Gopalan and his nephews, Mr. G. Narasimhan and Mr. G. Kasturi.