The Hindu Crossword 9081

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 1 Acrobats dismiss workers’ plea (11)

 9 She has a lounge set up (7)

10 Fenced-in mischievous boy strikes deal (7)

11 Nearly dish out circular kind of motor (5)

12 Self-confession of a weight watcher when offered rich food (2,2,1,4)

13 Where husband is found in food shop (5)

15 Aha! Advert sets out a form of Buddhism (9)

18 They ignore customs of the nation (9)

21 With painful cry allow the young hooter (5)

22 Abreast but singularly partisan (2,3,4)

24 Bill: “Spectacles are what’s forbidden” (5)

26 Firm about praise to one Shakespearean character (7)

27 A player in the capital of Gujarat is becoming less intense (7)

28 Fresh like the air after an area has had a downpour (4-7)


 1 Where the public line up when a dignitary passes by (9)

 2 Public Relations takes time in getting device to contact somebody (5)

 3 Rolling around with a couple of pounds still to be paid (9)

 4 Double up on one street for singer of pslams of praise (7)

 5 Short version of mince-pie book… (7)

 6 …And a pie’s turned brown (5)

 7 Tired everybody, on the whole (3,2,3)

 8 Run a paper to turn the tide (4)

14 Analyse AMO’s clue to white patches (8)

16 A fight to cope with reversal (5-4)

17 Natural disasters may be divine dispensations (4,2,3)

19 Descendants see pigeon fluttering above one (7)

20 They have their ups and downs in play (7)

22 On a singular occasion in the past (4)

23 Tree that has lived longer than others? (5)

25 But takes one learner who is well-stacked (5)



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