The Hindu crossword No. 2728

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1 London district admired by many (not posh) (6)

4 Bird eating head of worm attracts dear French birdwatcher (8)

9 Cut in snooker ball with bent cue (10 Horse, one attached to stable at first (8)

11 The German station hand's pistols (10)

14 Box blows over (4)

16 The two ensigns at sea whispered words of affection (5,8)

18 Two numbers, on occasion, demonstrating such rhythm (5-4,4)

20 Bend over English ?lm director (4)

21 Type leader upset, again and again (10)

23 Mean to go outside with the Italian in the gloaming (8)

24 Feature involving work of composer (6)

26 Plan to study structure on top of church tower, perhaps (8)

27 Trips I organised to find a supernatural being (6)


1 Burlesque in a bar in the outskirts of Paisley (6)

2 Flat pack (3)

3 Mathematician rang during a short break (10)

5 Poor creature, sow, in stream (11)

6 Story's end read aloud (4)

7 I may be found on a track from musical - quiet one, note, to finish (7,4)

8 Girl in posh car is kind initially to take chances (3,1,4)

12 Putting aside a misgiving (11)

13 Husband leaves poor quarter to fetch that girl for a meeting (3-8)

15 Savings and Loan above awfully posh second-hand store (6,4)

17 Strong and lithe cat abroad (8)

19 Sound of seal and young swan (6)

22 Without energy in ?nal, I'm pulverised (4)

25 Mean to split up? Not quite (3)



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