President Rajendra Prasad and Prime Minister Nehru on November 14 emphasised the importance of giving special attention to child welfare work in India in order to help the country’s progress towards a welfare state. They were speaking at a function in New Delhi at which the President laid the foundation-stone of the headquarters building of the Indian Council for Child Welfare. President Prasad said that no programme of social welfare would be complete unless adequate place had been assigned in it to the welfare of children. “Improving the child is like watering a plant at its very root,” he said, adding that the time, resources and attention devoted to it would not only ensure a better nation in the future but would also tend to minimise the care devoted at present to the welfare of other sections of the community. Mr. Nehru said that welfare of children was a basic factor in any planning and he would like the country to undertake a programme of children’s welfare, which would extend to school-going children between the ages of six and twelve, a sound education with scope for play, music and dance, health services and a free mid-day meal.