The Hindu Crossword 9027

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 1 Embassy employee in pain after donning a doublet (7)

 5 Champion a young fellow in sore distress (7)

 9 No need of key player to listen to this instrument (7)

10 Arranged large old city to be governed by established practice (7)

11 Not right in being sarcastic about a Greek style (5)

12 Pole having a go in the Orient, the outcome is grave (9)

13 Hill the counsellor – a most irritating individual (9)

15 Make a dope assent for a test (5)

16 Rage of a theologian surrounded by party extremists (5)

18 It’s a crime disrupting a truce (9)

21 Record symbolised said registration (9)

24 Find her in the English isle (5)

25 FND announced as educated man (7)

26 Diana performing in extremes of restraint is shining brightly (7)

27 Last ten composers have special gifts (7)

28 USA troop leader prepared to arm for the violent squalls in Malacca Straits (7)


 1 To select for a position at top, becomes pain (7)

 2 He prepares horses to win races (7)

 3 Short tempered as a musician can be (9)

 4 Old Sam prepares for close inspections (5)

 5 On the funeral pile beat the blooming thing (9)

 6 Fall behind with hesitation, to have an alcoholic drink (5)

 7 Plays around all sides (7)

 8 Room for children to play (7)

14 Endeavours to include old plays (9)

15 Master designed water embankment in the Low Countries (9)

16 Make the introductions now (7)

17 Lure daughter out, if urgent (7)

19 Stylish way a worker gets pressing (7)

20 Successfully vote for painter and Greek heroine (7)

22 Fabric acquired from a mill in Enfield (5)

23 Acidulous loose women (5)



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