The Hindu Crossword 9026

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 1 Cut down laminated wood and stick to the base again (7)

 5 What campers erected in current state of international harmony (7)

 9 It has many keys but normally only one lock (5)

10 Sum a rebel gathered together may be taken back (9)

11 As per established order, to eat and run is incorrect (6)

12 Some things for the editor to consider (8)

14 Biting raid got many upset (5)

15 Hang on just a tick! (3,6)

18 Croaky voice? A mineral’s what’s needed (9)

20 Tara puts on a head ornament (5)

22 Roman magistrate invested with absolute authority (8)

24 Performs the first act (6)

26 The allegation made is found to be false, stirs one at best (9)

27 She can be turned like a king of beasts (5)

28 An Italian writer - somewhat slow (7)

29 Standard form to declare date of birth (7)


 1 Having to do with jailed social worker being ashamed (9)

 2 Pat on road to find suitable device to connect two parts (7)

 3 Puts order into projects (9)

 4 The CID in court (4)

 5 Diana has frequented that it be put in a confusing way! (10)

 6 It’s speed and rhythm that changes quiet time (5)

 7 New direction unable to correct misty appearances produced by distant stars (7)

 8 Equals the score (5)

13 Mad reason for pulling a train (10)

16 At risk when making a call (2,3,4)

17 Put in other words meaning the same (9)

19 Charged a couple of hundred and exploited (7)

21 Ria dressed with belt, enters this American state (7)

22 Royal academy mad to make composition for a theatre (5)

23 Nora takes Penny to return with cloth piece worn in front (5)

25 Palindrome girl has former Indian coin (4)



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