CHENNAI: The conflicts that man faces in his interactions with the world can be resolved only by knowledge of the Self (Atman), as the source of most of his problems is his own mind. The human mind is very complex and the entire life experiences of an individual are ingrained in the mind. So it is not an exaggeration to say that the entire world rests on the human mind. The human body (physical) is limited but the mind is not; on the other hand it encompasses the entire world.

This can be corroborated by the dream state with which everyone is familiar. While dreaming the mind perceives worlds which are not there in the waking state. It is thus possible to infer that the body is in the mind.

In his discourse on the Yoga Vasishta Ramayana, Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha said all the conflicts were generated by the mind because the objects outside do not create problems by themselves. It is only when the mind interacts with the objects that conflicts arise. Thus a person who is faced with conflicts does not make efforts to go to the root of his problems—the mind. In the waking state the mind interacts with the world by receiving perceptions of the gross objects through the sensory organs. All sensory inputs are thus gross in nature and the mind is naturally attuned to the outside world. If one has to understand the source of one’s conflicts, the mind has to be trained to engage in subtle experiences—within the mind.

The five sensory organs with which man experiences the world are powerful in their respective fields. But they are powerless to reveal anything inside the mind.

Meditation is the technique of directing the mind within. When an individual tries to sit in seclusion and observe the mind he will find thoughts arising. Thoughts are effervescence of the mind only. Just as fire cannot burn fire or water wet water, so also thoughts cannot affect the mind. As the mind has the ability of memory it remembers its experiences, which arise as thoughts during meditation. Thoughts will rise and fade. Continued practice of meditation will reveal the nature of the Self, which is eternal, consciousness and bliss.