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1 The art of putting on a coat (8)

5 Opportunity's provided by shortened astronomer's aids (6)

10 Long for time, starting now (5)

11 Delicious to a few, thro' different within (9)

12 Old engine for moving a sore rhino (4,5)

13 Carry off by force from an insecure avenue (5)

14 Plant that has a singular advantage (5)

16 Over which a shot may go for a six (8)

18 The entrance for one with pull (4,4)

20 Time of note for an air-force man in eastern church (5)

24 Memos about an European flower (5)

25 Glamorous miss making a periodical appearance? (5,4)

27 Gradual development - of monkey into man, say (9)

28 Airhead, I spot one in (5)

29 Sporting contests opening in two points (6)

30 A novice gets drink, new, poured into another (8)


1 Science of matter and motion that yields remedies (7)

2 To put it very briefly, I draw on variety (2,1,4)

3 The last of the Commandments (5)

4 One preparing legal documents makes a negative attempt to retain article (6)

6 Cheer one caught struggling for consistency (9)

7 In proportion to a part or otherwise (3,4)

8 Landscape seen in part of a play on track (7)

9 What would a tiresome person do, beginning to minimize tediousness? (7)

15 The final outcome could finish Ulster riot (3,6)

17 In a Conservative, at one time it meant pride (7)

18 See big English movement to cause a blockade (7)

19 Make music! (7)

21 The view about a bulb containing traces of phosphorus and iodine (7)

22 This is where a gun may be kept in seedy hotels before raid starts (7)

23 A way with trees (6)

26 Healing touch provided by actress Arija Bareikis (5)



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