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1 Healthy and robust worker consumes beer, earthy variety (4,3,6)

10 Is it right, Ravana being shot in a festival? (9)

11 Instrument packed in a parcel lovingly (5)

12 Stream of water that goes to the root in dentistry (5)

13 Surrogate clergyman promises to pay back (9)

14 Talker's faculty (6)

16 Instruct an artist in metal (5)

19 A personification of riches and greed, false god is decapitated by Theban god (5)

20 Pedestrian way of progress (2,4)

25 His arrival was overdue (4,5)

26 Market place for the nearly indolent in Pennsylvania (5)

27 Series of tones that could be major minor (5)

28 Ten niggle furiously, being careless (9)

29 Strengthening control in order to bond building material (13)


2 Being ahead in knowledge, danced a victory dance (8)

3 Sign up to play a part in a proven role (5)

4 Citizen about whose return Hardy wrote (6)

5 The kind of product for top dressing? (8)

6 Instrument with which to do in a croc perhaps (9)

7 Fat time to give permission (6)

8 Things to eat between meals? They are new, in bags (6)

9 Seaside article is covered in the price (5)

15 Arrive without difficulties to make an admission (4,5)

17 Military person who has control over love (8)

18 Healthy food for building bone, say, containing a bit of ammonium (4,4)

21 They are proposed when drinking for health (6)

22 Cut made with a small whip (5)

23 Attack from the air, right up in secure setting (6)

24 Endless credit envelops poor newspaper unfortunate (6)

26 Teacher turned up in the afternoon with a light refractor (5)



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