The implications of the results of the recent general elections were explained by Mr. T.T. Krishnamachari, Mr. K. Kamaraj and Mr. C. Subramaniam at a meeting held at the Triplicane Beach in Madras on April 7. Mr. Krishnamachari said though the Congress had secured a big majority, there was not much room for rejoicing over it. For, it was clear from the fact that even parties without any policy or programme were able to secure the support of the voters. He reiterated the assurance that the Congress Government would devote itself in the next five years to the task of raising the status of the poor and low-income groups. Mr. C. Subramaniam, State Finance Minister, expressed the view that the Opposition parties abused the freedom of speech guaranteed under the Constitution by indulging in personal attacks on Ministers and other ruling party members. He felt the election law should be suitably amended to check this tendency.