The first Communist Government in an Indian State (Kerala) - which will also be the first Communist Government coming to power through the ballot box anywhere in the world - will be sworn in on April 5. Mr. E.M. Sankaran Nambudripad, leader of the Kerala Legislature Communist Party, on April 3 submitted the list of personnel of his 11-member Cabinet to the Governor. The Cabinet includes two of the five Independents who have joined the Legislature Communist Party and one woman. The following is the list: Mr. E.M. Sankaran Nambudiripad (Chief Minister), Mr. C. Achutha Menon, Mr. K.C. George, Mr. K.P. Gopalan, Mr. T.V. Thomas, Mr. P.K. Chathan, Miss K.R. Gouri, Mr. T.A. Majeed, Prof. Joseph Mundasseri, Dr. A.R. Menon and Mr. V.R. Krishna Aiyar. The last two are the Independents. The swearing-in of the new Ministry will mark the end of one-year-old President's rule in the State. President's rule was imposed on Travancore-Cochin on March 23, 1956, when the Congress Ministry, headed by Mr. Panampilli Govinda Menon resigned, following defection of six members of the Congress Legislature Party. The new State of Kerala came into existence in November and the President took over the administration of the new State by a proclamation.