In the Security Council on February 15 India rejected the Anglo-American resolution on Kashmir but said she would gladly offer her hospitality to the Council President, Mr. Jarring, if he came. At the same time she made it clear that India would not discuss Kashmir with him on the basis of the resolution now before the Council. The four-power resolution calling on Mr. Gunnar V. Jarring of Sweden to consult the Indian and Pakistan Governments on the Kashmir problem was submitted to the Security Council by Sir Owen Dixon, the British delegate. The four powers sponsoring the resolution are Britain, Australia, Cuba and the US. Mr. V. K. Krishna Menon, in another intervention, turned down all talk of a UN force as not only illegal in conception but also as flying in the face of all previous commitments of the Council and the UNCIP. India would never agree to foreign troops being stationed on her soil and this included "Azad Kashmir" too, because that too was part of Indian territory as both the Council and the UNCIP had themselves previously recognised. Also there could be no longer any Indian commitment for a plebiscite because prior conditions had not been fulfilled by Pakistan nor could there be any demilitarisation in the sense of withdrawal of Indian forces.