(there being no issue of the paper dated August 16)

Prime Minister Nehru declared on August 15 that any threat to India’s hard-won freedom, either from outside or internally would be stoutly resisted, and called upon the people to avoid frittering away their energies in petty quarrels and differences and consolidate their freedom. From the ramparts of the Red Fort, Mr. Nehru was addressing over two lakhs of people assembled to celebrate the Independence Day. In a brief speech after unfurling the National Flag, Mr. Nehru emphasised that India, which was preaching the principle of Panch Shila to the world, would be failing in her duty if she did not apply that same principle to solve her internal problems. Mr. Nehru referred to the riot in Ahmedabad, when he expressed his deep regret at the outburst of violence in a place where Mahatma Gandhi had lived and worked. The Prime Minister said that the country had many difficult and immediate problems to face like food shortage, floods, etc., and those who tried to exploit these things were traitors and would not be tolerated.