The Hindu Crossword No. 9279

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 1 Girls in love — just the opposite — cowboys throw them over (7)

 5 Loving to take a girl to heart (7)

10 It is rare to find same mountain range in Spanish countries and the U.S. (6)

11 If not a topper, then bowler is needed to perform it (3,5)

12 Here an oracle made capital about party leader (6)

13 Not independent of a kin (8)

14 Betrothed has a stricken engineer for a fan (6)

15 Series of steps needed to get to the stars (6)

18 Sad to beg stupidly to have distinguishing names (6)

20 Forgive one who is equal to a Spanish nobleman (6)

23 Control others before a wet shower (8)

25 Acted as a weak-minded person and ran away taking couple of rings (6)

26 Not befitting the well born (8)

27 Comes into view (6)

28 Moneylenders certain to be on road in U.S. (7)

29 Boils with anger as he looks around (7)


 2 Remains to endure (6)

 3 Very quietly one gets into line for undressing (9)

 4 Rumour coming up about Virginia dodging the question (7)

 6 Tom lets appearances get blotched (7)

 7 There’s a new art to card game (5)

 8 Hope for the lost and sick (8)

 9 Divide the cost of investment between us (5,8)

16 An advocate put a river record first (9)

17 Spectacles for boy workers (8)

19 Dash to pieces with wild threats (7)

21 Reason for delayed start to match anti-monetarist policy (7)

22 Conforming to a rigorous standard, always remains in quarter (6)

24 The heir belongs to them (5)



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