The Hindu Crossword 9214

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 1 Ban on former partner replacing professional is fair (10)

 6 Dirty look at some frog legs (4)

10 Star product of mill, reportedly a source of oil (9)

11 Lack of interest displayed by the English in meeting some Inuits (5)

12 Prospector’s cute cow affected by powerless bacteria (13)

14 Encounter reported, in the outskirts of Rajasthan, by Indian news agency (3-2)

15 Powerful movement, a result of heavenly attraction (5,4)

17 Old partner cries out about returning with gym apparatus (9)

21 Writer in Ecuador’s capital to be replaced by a couple of novices (5)

22 Going without oxygen after companion shows ire in carillon playing (6,7)

24 Support victorious officer initially with an approving shout (5)

25 Applause around middle of July for a biological process (9)

26 Alcoholic beverage for writer (4)

27 Writer is sly to cavort in a bike (10)


 1 Untroubled way to financial freedom (4,6)

 2 Rear crane rebuilt as a deterrent (9)

 3 Writer in a dance with another writer (7)

 4 Tug of young child holding Welsh leader’s snake (7)

 5 English translation of Latin bill used for dating? (3,4)

 7 Natural talent of one leaving biology class (5)

 8 Nature film played back for foreign leader (4)

 9 Writer in insurance firm returns for cosmetics applicator (6)

13 Carelessness with dressing gown around North Carolina (10)

16 Folly in twice being included as part of stay I organise (9)

18 Writer with a supercomputing company in Ontario (6)

19 Estate of police official, with gate, in Syria (7)

20 Whale accommodated in Toyota Cavalier or Qualis (7)

21 Tender in Albania for Quaker leader with bad strain (7)

22 Writer linked with dairy product? There is nothing in common! (5)

23 Bird found originally in Bahamas island sanctuary (4)



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