CHENNAI: The mystery of life poses an eternal enigma to every individual, no matter what credentials one possesses with regard to status, birth, education, place of birth, etc. In a lecture, Swami Gautamananda drew attention to the far reaching spiritual impact that Sri Ramakrishna’s teachings had not merely on his immediate disciples but also on spiritual seekers of today.

By his exemplary life, this preceptor enlightened many on the esoteric aspects of God realisation. He was of the opinion that God can be realised only through His grace. Through simple analogies he would instruct his disciples on the nature of truth, nature of God, etc. Sri Ramakrishna had experienced the unchanging and eternal state of the Lord and realised it as the convergence of truth, bliss and consciousness.

Sri Ramakrishna understood that it is not possible to describe God in tangible terms. One may think of Krishna as blue in colour, but it is merely a colour as true as the waters of the sea are blue. The Lord is unchanging and eternal but endless are His aspects and His names. One could choose to call Him by any name and worship Him in any form, but what matters is sincerity in devotion if one has to reach Him. He assumes different forms such as Lord Rama or Krishna, and manifests qualities such as compassion, concern and love for humanity. The waters of the boundless ocean appear blue or black from a distance though in reality the water is colourless, and sometimes appears as ice when frozen.

Sri Ramakrishna firmly believed that the greatness of one who is true to one’s self and maintains high integrity will automatically attract the attention of the right people from the right quarters without any deliberate publicity. A bee seeks the honey from the flowers that are in the deep forest. Likewise those who seek spiritual succour will identify the truly great spiritual leaders. Publicity is a temporary feature and is in truth an empty bubble. Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness was known by his righteous way of life.

A real devotee considers himself the lowest of Bhaktas and this humility is the virtue of the truly devout.