The Hindu Crossword 9153

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 1 One’s standpoint on job in an organisation? (8)

 5 State of the poor is saddening (6)

10 “Oh what a — web we weave when first we practise to deceive!” (Walter Scott) (7)

11 They form stock in a farm (7)

12 One after another involved in fighting (2,1,3)

13 Guarded restless steed breaking cord no end (8)

15 Sigh! A terrible stick-up in mountain pass! (4)

16 One who takes away quietly (5,5)

18 Here’s a package from the mail service (6,4)

20 Story of pie thrown at Congress leader (4)

23 It requires one to cast one’s eye further (3,5)

24 Work out the meaning of the last month’s poem (6)

26 So a fort is remodelled in some respects but not entirely (2,1,4)

27 Murmur that is leading to uproar about neighbourhood (7)

28 Possibly detest being put on trial (6)

29 Fame Rose might find dreadful (8)


 1 Pretending — establishing a set-up for some shady activities? (7,2,1,5)

 2 Lash in a foreign language (7)

 3 A couple of learners in tow get fat (6)

 4 Chances against getting even? (4)

 6 Pieces of information derived from graduated instruments (8)

 7 Former Indian Prime Minister quiet about a saint on religious instruction (7)

 8 Contractors who are this will deliver projects in time (5,2,8)

 9 Pa also has combed a dog (5,4)

14 Photographs that are taken quickly? (9)

17 One agent rises to manage a book extract (8)

19 Once again learns about religious education posters (7)

21 Condition in favour of six thus added (7)

22 More loving extract from reader (6)

25 Back among the demesne’s parishioners to be part of the church (4)



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