The Sanskrit Commission has recommended compulsory provision for the teaching of Sanskrit in all secondary schools “unaffected by arguments of economy or number of students taking Sanskrit,” and has suggested modification of Government’s three-language formula with this end in view. A summary of the recommendations was placed on the table of the Rajya Sabha on February 20 by Dr. Shrimali, Deputy Minister for Education. He said the recommendations were being examined. The Commission recommends that, in secondary schools, all Indian students should be taught three languages, namely, (1) the mother-tongue (or the regional language), (2) English and (3) Sanskrit (or in some special cases, some other – classical language as equivalent to Sanskrit, e.g., Arabic, Persian, old Tamil, Latin or Greek). That Hindi should be taught at the college stage to such students as desire to enter all-India services, or, if it is to be taught in the school, the three language-scheme recommended by it should be so modified that Hindi or, for Hindi-speaking students, some other modern Indian language, preferably South Indian, is allowed as an alternative to English.