The Hindu Crossword 9713

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Nita Jaggi


 1 A disturbed boss holds lad playing with money having a lot of confidence (2,4,2,5)

 8 A right reverend’s own goal can change ultimately the judge’s pride (9)

 9 Round object on a golden ball (5)

10 Guide the supernatural being (7)

12 Charm everybody, you are to leave at last (6)

14 Vegetable is initially not available for the doctor (5)

16 Baby may be put in this tube for an examination! (4)

19 A mother for someone who didn’t have one (4)

20 Bursting in endless anger, redhead is up into action (9)

21 Look through, specifically at the headless man (4)

22 No piece on the sad notice (4)

25 Heartbroken clod (5)

27 Stop the sound of a respiratory disorder catching the tax officer (6)

29 True air blowing in an ancient country (7)

32 Holy man in the east has to regularly tend to the lively horse (5)

33 Somehow hide ma and pop together from the sea monster (9)

34 Stand up to be hit at unexpectedly to fall into a trap (4,2,3,4)


 2 Dangerous to be very ill (7)

 3 Headless dragon has a new body part (5)

 4 Every second, drains arenas for the plants (6)

 5 Get rid of the gardener’s building (4)

 6 Girl is following the religious education fit for a king (5)

 7 Maria sat around guarding Bapu in front of an ashram (9)

 8 A couple of boys get the Holy Writ for the monk (5)

11 It may be written down concisely (2,5)

12 It’s okay to be hale and hearty! (7)

13 Everybody comes up on an elevated plain (5)

15 Snake device, overheard (5)

17 Regularly been near, holding the nobleman in a face-to-face disagreement (9)

18 Money to get wine (5)

23 Head boy, a Persian is eating a bit of yoghurt with the dish (7)

24 Draw a small amount (5)

26 Health food for Lawrence and a politician, eh? (6)

28 Candy for the woman judge losing head (5)

30 Right hand to start off an explosive on the four-sided figure (5)

31 Wave away three abandoning the gunman (4)



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