MOUNT MERAPI (Indonesia): A massive blast of searing gas has collapsed a portion of Mount Merapi's unstable lava dome, easing pressure that threatened a full-blown eruption, but the volcano still could be deadly, a scientist said on Sunday. Vulcanologist Antonius Ratdomopurbo said a huge superheated cloud the biggest of the year on Indonesia's most dangerous volcano brought down a section of the dome on Friday. The blast allowed red-hot lava and scorching gas to escape into a newly formed crater, relieving pressure and lowering the possibility of the dome's collapse, which many feared could trigger a major eruption. But he warned that Merapi's 250,000 beleaguered villagers weren't in the clear just yet, as a crack at the foot of the lava dome's southern foot had widened, threatening more powerful surges of superheated gas. A pyroclastic flow a fast-moving burst of blistering gases and rock fragments is the main concern.