P. S. Suryanarayana

SINGAPORE: Myanmar’s celebrated democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi “is fine, alert and ready to face the outcome of the case against her: good or bad.” This was stated by Nyan Win, her lawyer and spokesman for her National League for Democracy (NLD), in a phone-in conversation with The Hindu on Friday.

Speaking from Yangon, where Ms. Suu Kyi is being tried, Mr. Nyan Win said the case was on Friday transferred to a higher judicial forum from a district court.

“Technically free from house arrest,” sequential orders for which lapsed on May 27, she is now in custody at Insein prison in a case with no scope for bail. The Nobel Peace Laureate has already served prolonged detentions of one kind or another under the orders of Myanmar’s military rulers. She is presently accused of having violated the terms of her most recent phase of house arrest. The crux of the charge is that she sheltered an American intruder at her residence while still under house arrest.

On Friday, the higher court of a divisional judge adjourned the case until next Tuesday after hearing arguments that three more defence witnesses be allowed to testify. Those wanting to testify include two top NLD leaders and a lady lawyer.

Mr. Nyan Win said he submitted that the refusal of the lower court to hear these witnesses was “illegal.” Only one defence witness had so far been examined. It was not clear whether the judge would rule on this question or on the charge itself, he said.