A Sikh man in Ireland has lost his appeal to be allowed to wear the turban while on duty in a volunteer group for that country’s police force.

High court Judge Kevin Feeney in Ireland on Thursday dismissed the appeal by Ravinder Singh Oberoi to be allowed to wear the turban while on duty for the Garda Reserve, a volunteer group formed to assist the Garda Siochana, the police force of Ireland, The Irish Times reported on Friday.

The Garda Reserve was formed in 2006 to comprise around 1,000 volunteers to assist the Garda Siochana in their duties.

Mr. Oberoi had completed three stages of his training when he was told that he has to wear his full Garda uniform and, hence, cannot wear his turban. He then appealed under the country’s Equality Acts but the Garda commissioner’s lawyers argued that they did not apply to him as he was a volunteer. The ruling was then given in favour of the Garda. — IANS