Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today said regulatory regimes in India and Pakistan need to be softened to facilitate media outlets and to reach out to maximum viewers in both countries.

Mr. Sharif called for the relaxation of Indian laws so that Pakistani television channels can be seen in the neighbouring country.

He highlighted the media’s role in bringing the people of India and Pakistan closer, and said this could help in achieving the shared goal of peaceful and friendly relations between the two countries.

Mr. Sharif made the remarks while talking to Subhash Chandra, the chief executive officer of India’s Zee TV network.

Indian entertainment channels are beamed by cable networks across Pakistan but Indian news channels are barred. Pakistani television channels are currently not aired on Indian cable networks.

Mr. Sharif expressed the hope that the media of both countries would play a constructive role and act more sensibly to bring the people closer and to shift the focus toward peace and economic prosperity.

He emphasised the role of television broadcasts in education and said a dedicated “education TV” channel can help impart education to millions in developing countries.

Mr. Chandra thanked Mr. Sharif for his hospitality and said he would play his role to enable the two countries to achieve the common objectives of peace and stability. — PTI