B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: The Air Force on Wednesday claimed to have destroyed a “key Sea Tiger base” in Mullattivu district in the north which has been the scene of intense battles with the LTTE in recent days.

According to the Defence Ministry the location codenamed “Naresh” was bombed early in the morning and was characterised as a key strategic location of the LTTE from where it has been coordinating its activities with foreign terrorist organisations via sea routes.

The Ministry further claimed that the camp has been used as a terror training base for the cadres in the LTTE’s rudimentary naval wing, known as “Sea Tigers”. It said the target was identified after continual ground and air surveillance by the air force and SL army and claimed that the target has been hit “effectively inflicting heavy damages to the terror camp.”

There was no word from the LTTE on the military assertions. For some time now the Tigers have not been responding to claims made by the forces about the operations on the ground and the supposed casualties and damages.

The military claimed that on Tuesday, the LTTE fired heavy artillery at the security forces’ locations in the Jaffna peninsula.