Apparently softening her stance, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has proposed an all-party government to conduct the next general election.

In her address to the nation on Friday evening, she however rejected restoration of the caretaker government system for which the opposition had been campaigning for long.

She was also firm on holding elections ‘as per country’s constitution,’ and in time, amid growing concern over political impasse.

The leader of the ruling grand alliance also called upon the opposition led by the former Premier Khaleda Zia to nominate their representatives for the ‘all-party interim dispensation’ which, she says, will conduct a fair national poll.

Sheikh Hasina’s address, closely watched by her friends and foes, came at a time when a serious stalemate had been created due to the confrontational position adopted by the ruling Awami League and the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) over the general election. Both the parties called ‘massive rallies’ in Dhaka on October 25 heightening tensions.