The ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy will go on trial from November 4 on charges of inciting the murder of opponents during protests against his regime.

Mr. Morsy (62) will stand trial with 14 other members of his Muslim Brotherhood over the killings of at least 10 protesters outside his presidential palace in December 2012, according to state news agency MENA.

He will stand trial before a Cairo district court. The Cairo Appeals Court named judge Ahmed Sabry Youssef to preside over the trial.

Prosecutors have charged Mr. Morsy with “inciting his supporters to commit premeditated murder” during the December 5 clashes.

The clashes broke out between Morsy loyalists and his opponents after he passed a temporary decree placing his decisions above judicial review. Six months later Mr. Morsy was ousted by the powerful military. His co-defendants include several of his aides and Muslim Brotherhood party leaders.

Hundreds of people demanding his reinstatement — mostly Brotherhood supporters — have since been killed in clashes with security forces. — PTI