The man behind an anti-Muslim film that led to violence in many parts of West Asia was sentenced to a year in federal prison for probation violations in an unrelated matter, and then issued a provocative statement through his attorney.

The sentence on Wednesday was the result of a plea bargain between lawyers for Mark Bassely Youssef and federal prosecutors. Youssef admitted in open court that he had used several false names in violation of his probation order and obtained a driver’s license under a false name.

He was on probation for a bank fraud case.

Shortly after Youssef left the courtroom, his lawyer, Steven Seiden, told reporters his client wanted to send a message. “The one thing he wanted me to tell all of you is President Obama may have gotten Osama bin Laden, but he didn’t kill the ideology,” Mr. Seiden said.

None of the violations had to do with the content of Innocence of Muslims , the movie. — AFP