Bangladeshi President Abdul Hamid is likely to take an initiative to hold talks between the two warring political parties which sharply differ on the form of government to oversee the next parliamentary polls.

A day after swearing-in of the poll-time all-party Cabinet — excluding BNP, the major opposition party — Leader of the Opposition Khaleda Zia led a 20 member-delegation of her alliance to the President on Tuesday requesting the Constitutional Head to step in. Mr. Hamid assured her that he would make the best use of his constitutional authority.

The prospect of a dialogue, which looked distant, has also brightened as the Election Commission also sought help from Mr. Hamid to ensure participation of all political parties.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had earlier invited Ms. Zia for dialogue for a negotiated settlement, which was rejected. Instead, the opposition enforced violent hartal s.

Authoritative sources told The Hindu that the ruling coalition is ready to give at least 10 Ministries to the major opposition party if it joins the all-party interim government in the interest of holding a credible election.

“We have informed the President that the Commission wants participation by all parties,” Mr. Ahmad, who called on Mr. Hamid to brief him about the preparations for the 10th parliamentary election, to be held by January 24, told reporters.

“We want to organise a free, fair and peaceful election that will ensure a level playing field,” he added.

Independent sources said, even if the outcome of the possible talks remains uncertain, the EC is all set to announce the election schedule.