The IAEA is rushing two “reactor experts” to Japan to assess the multi-dimensional crisis at the quake-and-tsunami-hit Fukushima Daiichi civil nuclear plant. Their visit, from Monday, was aimed at eliciting “first-hand information about the current status of reactors …, measures being taken, and future plans to mitigate the accident,” said the IAEA in Vienna.

It was announced in Tokyo on Saturday that a “crack,” now detected at the site of Unit 2 of the plant, might have facilitated the seepage of radioactive water into the nearby sea.

The IAEA once again described the Fukushima Daiichi situation as “very serious” but did not specify whether the reactor specialists would also help “mitigate the accident.” However, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan had, on Friday, cited the United States, France, and the IAEA as the “international partners” in overcoming the civil nuclear crisis.