Hasan Suroor

LONDON: The stormy build-up to this week’s G20 summit, to be attended among others by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was hit by a row on Sunday after the German magazine, Der Spiegel, published what it claimed was a leaked “draft” of the communiqué to be issued at the end of the one-day summit on April 2.

The leak, which the magazine “insiders” were quoted as saying came from German government sources, prompted accusations of attempts to “sabotage” the summit amid reports of deep divisions among Britain’s European allies over Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s proposals to deal with the global economic crisis.

The leaked “communiqué” reportedly proposes a £1.4-trillion package of “stimulus measures” to fight the recession.

The Germans, along with France and a number of other European Union countries, are strongly opposed to further fiscal stimuli and, instead, favour tighter market regulation.


“There were suspicions that the leak was a ploy by sources within the German government to sabotage the G20 summit,” said The Sunday Telegraph.

Downing Street dismissed the “leak” claiming that it was an “old draft that has changed in a number of respects”.

The row came amid growing public anger over the crisis with anti-capitalist protesters threatening to disrupt the summit with a series of dramatic protests.