A U.S. judge's recommendation that an Indian diplomat and her husband, accused of “slavery” by their Indian maid should pay nearly $1.5 million as damages is likely to become the final ruling of the court as no objection has been filed in the case till now. Magistrate Judge Frank Maas had said in a February 22 recommendation filed with Judge Victor Marrero of the District Court Southern District of New York that Shanti Gurung be paid nearly $1.5 million by diplomat Neena Malhotra and her husband Jogesh because of their “barbaric treatment” while she was employed as their domestic worker.

The parties had two weeks' time to file any objection to Maas's recommendation. However no objection has been filed as of March 7, Gurung's lawyer Mitchell Karlan told PTI. “The recommendation of the magistrate automatically becomes the final ruling of the court” unless an objection was filed by March 7. “None has been filed,” Karlan said. — PTI