T. Ramakrishnan

CHENNAI: A documentary television serial and a feature-length documentary film, both portraying the Indian influence on South-East Asian nations, are in the making here.

While the serial, titled "Indian Imprints," is to be telecast by Doordarshan in 20 to 22 episodes, the film, "A Different Pilgrimage," will run for two hours. Both will cover five countries: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

They are being produced by Chennai-based Krishnaswamy Associates, which has been seeking to project India worldwide as "an ancient society with youthful exuberance." S. Krishnaswamy, managing director of the company and writer-director of the serial and the film, says these, now being made in English, will be ready in about two months. They will explain the depth of the Indian influence in South-East Asia. There are plans to dub them in Hindi and Tamil.

Dr. Krishnaswamy, who was accompanied by a team of 10 persons including photographer Madhu Ambat, described the experience of shooting as "absolutely revealing." Done in the five countries from January to August, it involved 120 shooting days.

Lokesh Chandra, New Delhi-based Professor of History, is the project consultant, and Mohana Krishnaswamy is the co-producer.