HAVANA: Cuba’s government on Sunday announced a pension increase for the retired persons covered by the social security system. As of May, the retired who receive pensions of 202-360 pesos will have a 40-peso increase and those who get 361-399 pesos will now get 400. The plan, which is to cost 809.9 million pesos a year, would raise the minimum pension by more than 20 per cent — from 164 pesos to 200 pesos, the state-run Juventud Rebelde daily reported. Meanwhile, families covered by social aid will receive a 25-peso increase, increasing the minimum social aid pension by 20 per cent — from 122 pesos to 147 pesos. The government also announced a wage increase for Court and Prosecution workers “due to their dedication and compliance of duties and obligations, high ethics and professionalism to impart justice.” Some 9,070 workers will benefit from the wage hike as of May with an average increase of 211 pesos. Judges and prosecutors would receive an average of 425 pesos more than before. — Xinhua