Create atmosphere for solving problems: Yechury

  • CPI(M) delegation meets Chinese leaders
  • "China should take steps to prevent recurrent flooding in India'snorth-east region"

    Beijing: Ahead of Chinese President Hu Jintao's maiden state visit to India, the CPI (M) has urged Beijing to initiate confidence-building measures to create an atmosphere conducive to enhancing bilateral ties.

    ``We have also conveyed to the Chinese side that the CPI (M) is of the view that China should take the initiative in creating an atmosphere for the solution of some of the problems in our relations,'' party Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury told PTI here.

    Mr. Yechury, who is leading a high-level party delegation to China at the invitation of the ruling Communist Party of China, told his interlocutors that China should take steps to prevent recurrent flooding in the north-east region, including the Brahmaputra river, as well as avoid flash floods in Himachal Pradesh due to break-up of artificial lakes in Tibet.

    ``Any Chinese initiative to resolve these problems will go a long way in building mutual trust and confidence,'' he said PTI