Silicon Valley (U.S.): Several civil liberty watchdogs have supported Google, the largest Internet search engine, as it continues to hold out against the Bush administration's requests to hand over data on user search queries. The U.S. Government has said it needed the information to prepare its case to revive the 1998 Child Online Protection Act (COPA), which the apex Court blocked from taking effect two years ago. But the American Civil Liberties Union said that Google cannot realistically comply with COPA and that the law violates the right to freedom of speech mandated by the First Amendment, according to CNET News. Though the U.S. Government is not asking for Internet addresses that would identify people, civil liberty watchdogs fear the more the Government knows, the greater the threat to privacy. The administration has gone on a fishing expedition into Google, trying to force the company to hand over a large amount of data that might help the Government defend a law seeking to shield minors from Internet pornography, San Jose Mercury News said in its editorial. - PTI