The sharp differences within the ranks of top leadership in the UCPN (Maoist) came to the fore again on Saturday with Dr. Baburam Bhattarai criticising the party chairman’s political report and calling for the party’s highest forum, the General Convention to meet.

Dr.Bhattarai, a former Prime Minister, dubbed Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s report as superficial and failing to address the changed realities in the party and the country, according to several local reports.

In his report to the delegates in the closed-door session in the eastern city of Biratnagar, Mr. Prachanda noted that the party was moving in the right direction by adopting the necessary action plan. Dr. Bhattarai begged to differ.

“The report fails to address the managing of the two-line struggle within the party and its leadership style,” Dr. Bhattarai said in his seven-point rejoinder during the closed-door session.

He called for holding the party’s General Convention as soon as possible to suggest a political plan of action.

The General Convention, which should be held at least once in every five years, was last held in Hetauda in 2013 — after a gap of over 20 years.

He also criticised Mr. Prachanda’s assertion that writing the new Constitution “was becoming impossible.” Dr. Bhattarai said it was possible to have the Constitution drafted by the second Constituent Assembly if honest attempts were made.

“This would be in favour of the party and revolution.”

Dr. Bhattarai, who is known for offering notes of dissent or counter suggestions to the party chairman’s political reports or line of action, said it was necessary to have a healthy debate both within and outside the party on the way forward.

The ongoing conference has also brought to the fore internal differences. Delegates from nearly 10 of the 75 districts could not be chosen due to infighting.

‘Possible to have the Constitution drafted by the second Constituent Assembly if honest attempts are made’