Hasan Suroor

LONDON: Amnesty International has accused the British Government of systematically eroding individual liberties in the name of fighting terror.

In a special report, Human Rights: A Broken Promise, details of which have been disclosed in The New Statesman, it has said the numerous anti-terror measures, introduced by the Government after "9/11'', threaten to "undermine the rights to freedom of expression, association, liberty and fair trial.''

Damning verdict

The report, described as a "damning verdict'' on the Blair Government's human rights record, says much of the anti-terror legislation is couched in such "broad and vague terms'' that it leaves "scope for political bias.''

"Amnesty also asserts that the British Government, by attempting to overturn the legal ban on the use of evidence obtained by torture, has gravely undermined the worldwide struggle against the torture and mistreatment of prisoners,'' the magazine said pointing out that the report portrayed a "chilling picture'' of the human rights situation in Britain.