WELLINGTON: Polls closed at the end of voting in Fiji's seven-day election on Saturday, with the first results being available on Monday. The final outcome expected by mid-night Tuesday, said Supervisor of Elections Semesa Karavaki on Saturday, according to local news service The Fijilive. It said that despite the continuous criticisms directed at election officials, Mr. Karavaki ``is adamant'' the count centres in the four divisions will produce early results. ``We had a very slow start and we're heading to a very strong finish,'' said Mr. Karavaki. Despite the media report of a historically low turnout, Mr. Karavaki held he was confident that voter turnout this year would exceed figures in the previous general election in 2001, which saw over 70 percent of voters turn up. Nearly 480,000 are registered to vote this year. Fiji's security forces are now preparing for the aftermath of the general election. Xinhua