B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: The house of the Member of Parliament from Batticaloa belonging to pro-LTTE Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Senathirajah Jeyananthamoorthy, came under attack by two rocket-propelled grenades on Friday night.

The MP, who was present at his house in Poompuhar, his wife, children and relatives escaped unhurt. The roof and windows of the house were extensively damaged and a policeman providing security was wounded in the attack. The Sri Lankan military said unidentified persons carried out the attack. However, the Liberation Tigers alleged that Mr. Jeyananthamoorthy and his family have been under threat from the "Government-operated force", the Karuna group.

Threats alleged

The LTTE said other TNA parliamentarians have received death threats from various paramilitary groups and the Sri Lankan armed forces. Recently, Jaffna TNA parliamentarian S. Kajendran came under threat while several attacks on his office by the SLA were carried out, it said. Mr. Jeyananthamorthy was TamilNet's correspondent for Batticaloa before he entered politics and became Member of Parliament for the eastern district in April 2004.

Separately, the military said two soldiers were killed and another was injured on Saturday morning when Tamil tigers activated a claymore mine against troops at Meesali South, Jaffna. It said the victims were on route-clearing duties with three fellow soldiers when the claymore mine exploded.

In another incident, the military said a woman proceeding to a cinema was shot dead by LTTE men in the general area of Nakoli, Jaffna, on Friday afternoon.