Beijing: The Indian community in Guangzhou has welcomed the country's decision to open a Consulate in the booming southern Chinese city, which they say will further boost bilateral trade and facilitate easier travel for businessmen.

With India and China planning to double bilateral trade to $40 billion in the next four years, the two sides decided to open more consulates Guangzhou in China and Kolkata in India to handle business travel.

Sizeable NRI population

"It is surely good news for all of us," chief representative of the Bank of Baroda in Guangzhou, D.D. Singla said.

"Guangzhou has a huge NRI population, and their numbers are growing fast with the fast growth in the business ties between India and China."

In the absence of a Consulate in the vast southern region of China, NRI traders from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and other countries, who have surrendered their Indian citizenship, had to go either to Beijing or to Hong Kong to get visas. PTI