Haroon Habib

DHAKA: The 9th parliamentary elections of Bangladesh are excepted to be held before October next year, ahead of the set roadmap.

Unveiling the schedule for voter registration with photographs, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) ATM Shamsul Huda hoped the process would be completed by July.

“We have a projection that the voter list may be completed by July…We have always been saying that December [2008] is our target time, but national elections may be held before October if voter list is completed … And the elections may be held at best one or two months ahead,” he said on Tuesday.

The EC in its election roadmap, announced on July 15, declared that the polls would be held sometime between October and December setting December 2008 as the cut-off time.

Spokesman of the interim government in-charge of law and information, Mainul Husein refuted the allegation that the military-backed government wants to impose a “controlled democracy”. “What we want is a stable, effective and corruption free democratic environment where politicians must remain be accountable”, he told the Overseas Correspondents Association (OCAB).