Ameet Dhakal

KATHMANDU: About 50 Maoist cadres from Nuwakot district have revolted against the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) leadership and formed a splinter group, posing a challenge to the already precarious law and order situation in the country.

Raj Kumar Regmi, the leader of the rebel group, told local mediapersons over the phone that they had set up an underground “Janvadi Yuva Samuha” or the Communist Youth Group. “We have formed a 21-member central committee,” Mr. Regmi said. He claimed that over 50 Maoist youths had joined the rebel group.


Before formally declaring the revolt, the group had looted arms and ammunition from Fikuri police post in the district on Thursday. Around two dozen Maoist cadres led by Mr. Regmi had taken away rifles, a pistol and some ammunition from the poorly-guarded police post.

Police and cadres of the Maoists’ youth wing, Young Communist League, have launched a joint combing operation in the district to trace the rebels.

This is the fourth group to have split from the CPN (Maoists) over the past two years.

The two factions of Jana Tantrik Mukti Morcha are the most formidable among the splinter groups and have already killed 48 persons in the southern plains of Nepal.

Another group, Tharuwan Mukti Morcha, led by Laxman Tharu, announced the formation of a party in the western Terai a few weeks ago.