B. Muralidhar Reddy

COLOMBO: The Sri Lanka military on Monday alleged that suspected LTTE cadres gunned down a Tamil youth at Ganeshapuram in Vavuniya on Sunday night.

It said the victim, identified as Selvaraja Gajendran, was killed by a group of armed men believed to be the LTTE's pistol-gang. Quoting "civilian sources", the military said the youth had turned down the LTTE's orders to join the outfit several times.

It further said that a 21-year-old three-wheeler driver, Jesurathnam Roshan, was abducted by the LTTE on Saturday evening. The father of the victim made a complaint to the police naming the LTTE.

The military said the Tigers had demanded youths living in the Tamil villages in the Government-controlled areas in Vanni to join the outfit with immediate effect. "However, the order rarely had any affect due to dwindling LTTE influence in the area", it said.

In a separate incident, according to the military, a Tamil fisherman had lodged a complaint with the Mannar police that his fishing boat had been forcibly taken away by the LTTE.

TamilNet, meanwhile, reported that a student of Jaffna University, abducted allegedly by military intelligence operatives, was released on Monday after subjecting him to severe torture for three days.

Tortured victim

"The tortured victim, Vijayarajah Vijayarooban, was abducted on Friday at a private tuition centre located near the A9 road inside the SLA militarised high security zone in Chavakacheri town where he was working as a part time teacher", it said.

Mr. Vijayarooban was reportedly brought in a white van, in tortured state, and pushed out of the van at the place from where he was abducted last Friday.

TamilNet said the director of the education centre had been abducted earlier and Mr. Vijayaroopan was performing the duties of the abducted director, according to the family of the missing director. They have lodged a complaint with the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission in Jaffna.