K.V. Prasad

WASHINGTON: A U.S. congressional Select Committee plans to hold a hearing on a clean energy partnership with India and other developing nations.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Edward Markey, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, said, “There are no hospitals for sick planets. It is time to engage in some preventive medicine to reduce global warming pollution.”

He said both India and the U.S. had seen a dramatic increase in the use of renewable energy and that both countries can do more.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the congressional delegation that visited India during the Easter recess were present at the conference.

Ms. Pelosi said the bipartisan delegation’s visit was fruitful. It focussed on swift action by the government and private sector to promote research and strengthen efforts to stem climate crisis.

The delegation, she said, had detailed exchanges with key business leaders about India’s rapidly growing energy needs and challenges.

They also discussed the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies that would help India’s development and enhance both countries’ national security.