Hasan Suroor

LONDON: Britain’s leading Tamil organisation, the British Tamils Forum, has called for a boycott of SriLankan Airlines in a move to target the Sri Lankan economy as part of their campaign for a separate Tamil homeland.

Tamils have been urged not to travel by Sri Lanka’s national carrier, which earns an estimated £12 million every year from the British Tamils travelling to Sri Lanka.

“Travelling with SriLankan airlines is tantamount to paying the government of Sri Lanka to buy the weaponry with which to kill our people in their homeland,” said Ivan Pedropillai, head of the Forum, at a press conference.

The Forum also urged British tourists not to take holidays in Sri Lanka, arguing that the earnings from tourism “adds to Sri Lankan Government’s war chest.”

Mr. Pedropillai sought to distance his group from the LTTE, saying while it shared the Tigers’ “political goals,” it believed in struggle through legal and peaceful means.